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The Skills of the Registered Nurse

Some highly skilled RNs choose to change their career direction to work in aged care. They bring years of experience from other sectors and blend these well within an aged care environment.

This brings an ability to see a problem and work on the solution.

Take the example of a patient with dementia. The skilled RN looks after the quality of the person’s life as they go through the various stages of care.

Constantly fluid, they set in place the care needed throughout the years.

They anticipate change and the best people to support those changes. They direct the staff and they comfort the relatives. They coordinate the doctor, the caterer and the pastoral care. And they pop on the birthday hat and sing happy birthday.

These are the real skills of the Registered Nurse. Flexible, adaptable, a problem solver, organised, caring and empathetic.


The Highly Skilled Carer

One of the many types of people who are successful as carers are the ones who see care work as a vocation.

The carer who brings a smile to the day.

The one who does is right and changes it when its wrong.

It’s the carer who becomes the team leader through sheer hard work.

The one who sits with a resident and takes the time to feed the person and make them laugh.

It’s the one that wears the silly hat with confidence on silly hat day.

These are the real skills of the Carer. Hard working, dedicated, caring and committed.


Written by Judith Clarke – NNP Coordinator – Compliance & Education

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